I think I can now retire from Islamic apologetics. What is there left for me to do? After this Oscar-winning performance, I need to cancel all my future ABN appearances out of sheer embarrassment. Did David study under Olivier? At the feet of Shakespeare? The style, the grace…sheer genius.

Of course, the point of the video is two-fold; one to introduce issues relating to the constant claim of most Muslims that the Qur’an has basically been photocopied for 1400 years (it hasn’t), and the second to say something I have wanted to address but haven’t had time: the International “Burn a Qur’an Day” is stupid. Dumb. Ridiculous. Started by folks who have never even read it, as far as I can tell. Far, far better than Burn a Qur’an Day would be Read a Qur’an Day: but read it knowledgeably and with insight, learning from the experience how to better proclaim a life-changing gospel to a billion people. There’s an idea! Don’t burn it, learn it, and then use it, to glorify Christ! Yeah, that idea will go far.

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