I will be continuing my response to, and rebuttal of, Bryan and Jason on “The Covenanter’s Call” radio program on the DL on Tuesday. They did another program on Tuesday evening where they said they would take calls. I listened to the program, and when they attempted to respond to Revelation 16:5, they indicated that they did not understand the point of the text. I called, but they refused to allow me to even explain the issue, let alone interact with them. They do not want dialogue, only monologue. I have made it clear they can call the DL if they wish, but I do not expect them to do so. When we chatted in our chat channel they really had no meaningful answers to the questions put to them, just, “Well, we take it by faith.” There is no reasoning with that kind of thinking.
   One of the accusations Bryan Miller made against me, however, had to do with dealing with Riplinger and Ruckman (though he conveniently forgot to mention that I likewise dealt with D.A. Waite and many others). They said it was a “straw man” that was easily refuted to say that there are those who begin with the equation, “The King James Bible Alone = the Word of God Alone.” They even said they had never met anyone who thought that way. A few days ago I posted a YouTube e-mail from a King James Only missionary in Japan, Matt Thomas. He is as true-blue a Ruckmanite as I have met, even to the point of using endless CAPS LOCK ASSERTIONS (why that is a mark of KJV Onlyists I will never know). He has written back, and has sent me a caps-lock filled missive that demonstrates for all to see that Bryan Miller needs to get out more. He repeats the endless errors of Ruckman and company ad-nauseum! Here is his missive, just as he wrote it. Those who have read The King James Only Controversy will recognize that at least 80% of this letter was fully refuted in the book (the other 20% is so silly it is hard to even know how to begin to respond to it). I hope Mr. Miller will join me on the DL sometime, as I think the correction of his errors would not only be very useful for him, but educational for others as well.

Hey James are you BORN AGAIN?
Have you passed from death unto life?
Are you SAVED?
Most of my Calvinist friends can’t answer YES. Can you?
The TULIP is a FALSE system. Calvin was deceived, James.

I can SEE that the TULIP is false because I am a KJV ONLYer!

‘When I look at the verses and compare in the KING JAMES BIBLE then I can see that this following statement is incorrect:
‘We believe that God, in His sovereign grace and mercy, regenerates sinful men by the power of the Holy Spirit, not by any action of their own, bringing them to new life. God grants to them the gifts of faith and repentance, which they then exercise by believing in Christ and turning from their sins in love for God.’

WORD OF GOD then you will be able to be set FREE from the TULIP. I recommend that you become a BIBLE BELIEVER immediately!!

And this is a LIE:

‘Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died in the place of this elect people,’

James are you one of HIS ELECT PEOPLE? Can you say YES?

I find your assertion that a particular version of a particular translation

A VERSION of a TRANSLATION? You mean an EDITION of the 1611 King James Holy Bible? The K.J.B has editions not versions.

(in your case, either the Cambridge or Oxford editions of the 1769 Blayney Revision of the King James Version of the Bible)

Either of these editions are fine.

is to be equated, fully and without condition, with THE TRUTH

James, when YOU say TRUTH and SCRIPTURE and the WRITTEN revelation of God, what are you alluding to? Is it any BIBLE in print? In ANY language?
Is it some Greek text? Some existing manuscripts? What is the WRITTEN REVELATION OF GOD? Can you produce it?
Is your SOLA SCRIPTURE a BOOK? (Bible means BOOK right?)
When I say ‘rightly dividing the word of truth’ I mean the KING JAMES BIBLE is that word of truth which needs to be rightly divided. I am not pointing to manuscripts or Greek texts or ‘originals’ which do not exist. How about you James?

to be not only grossly unbiblical

Unbiblical to call the KING JAMES HOLY BIBLE the TRUTH?

Come on James, preachers are saying this from Baptist pulpits all over America every week, they are holding up the 1611 King James Holy Bible and calling it the WORD OF GOD and TRUTH. Are they all wrong?

(since the Bible was not written in English,
and continues to exist to this day in God’s providence in the languages in which it was, in fact, originally written),

No it does not exist today in the languages in which it was ORIGINALLY written.
That’s where you MISSED what the Holy Spirit did in 1611.
God’s Written Words were TRANSLATED into ENGLISH.
The 1611 King James Bible is a PERFECT TRANSLATION. When GOD translates something, then it is NO LONGER FOUND in its PREVIOUS place or FORM.(Heb 11:5 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.)
There may be things ADDED that were not even IN the ORIGINALS!
That’s all the work of the Holy Spirit who is the AUTHOR and PRESERVER and TRANSLATOR of the SCRIPTURES.
If you think the SCRIPURES exist today in their original languages then you will be back behind in the dark ages. That means for me NO GOING BACK TO THE GREEK. No need to. We have the perfect WRITTEN WORD OF GOD in ENGLISH.
You have the Alexandrian Greek ‘texts’ to study.
I am happy with the KING’S English.

but to be a-historical (the Reformation, for example, took place without the KJV, and many lived godly lives long before the KJV ever appeared)

Before 1611 the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD existed in a different FORM.
Just like the FORM of the SON OF GOD in Dan 3:25 was DIFFERENT from the FORM of the SON OF GOD. in Phillipians 2:7: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the FORM of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men. HIS FORM was DIFFERENT AGAIN in MATT 17:2! You can learn about the NATURE OF THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD BY LOOKING AT THE LIVING WORD OF GOD. The FORM is not ALWAYS THE SAME. Before 1611 IT produced the same fruit as the AUTHORIZED BIBLE, KING JAMES 1611. The Receptus certainly INCLUDED the REDEEMING BLOOD of the SAVIOUR in COL 1:14 and all of Mark 16:9-20! The reformation Bible of Martin Luther WAS NOT translated from Vaticanus!
Many people live godly lives who are in the Alexandrian Cult, including yourself, right? Living a godly life has nothing to do with salvation and a godly Christian can be deceived about WHERE and WHAT the WRITTEN WORD OF GOD IS.

and utterly irrational.

It’s supernatural James. God said that HE would PRESERVE HIS WORDS. And HE DID IT. I have a copy. I have ALL HIS WORDS. It may not seem rational to your mind but that’s why you need to be TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND.

The ALEXANDRIAN ‘bibles’ attack the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
Look how many times LORD and JESUS and CHRIST have been REMOVED in the NIV,NASB etc.
WHO hates that name which is ABOVE every other name? Who wants that NAME REMOVED? Would his name be the DEVIL? And LUCIFER???

But when you make belief in the KJV a part of the gospel, sir, you leap from the realm of mistaken mythology to the area of simple heresy.

Preaching the KJB is like LETTING LOOSE A SWORD compared to a BUTTER KNIFE. Of course the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT gets the results, that’s why it is PREACED in the PULPITS of SOUL WINNING CHURCHES.
The GOSPEL is that CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS according to the
SCRIPTURES! The scriptures James! Preaching JESUS from the SCRIPTURES SAVES LOST SINNERS. Of course, Satan hates that.

To make a person’s relationship with Christ dependent upon a 17th century Anglican translation of the Bible is not only absurd, it is heretical.

The 1611 King James Holy Bible (9 9 9) Fruit, Fruit and more FRUIT BEARING is GOD’S MODERN ENGLISH VERSION for mankind. The BIBLE ENGLISH is not like the ENGLISH OF IT’S TIME. It is a MIRACLE BOOK, James. So 17th century is PHILADELPHIA time in church history when they KEPT THE WORD OF GOD. Now we are in the LAODICEAN period, UNFAITHFULNESS to the BIBLE abounds with how many ‘VERSIONS’?
If you would like to discuss the texts you cited (such as Colossians 1:14 or 1 Timothy 3:16),
The readers of your blog should notice that the NIV, NASB,RSV etc ATTACK The LORD JESUS CHRIST.
1 Tim 3:16(The DEITY OF CHRIST ATTACKED), Col 1:14(The BLOOD OF CHRIST REMOVED), Rom 14:10(The DEITY OF CHRIST DENIED), Dan 3:25 (Jesus called a son of the gods insead of The Son of God), Luke 2:33 (Joseph is called the FATHER of Christ).

The Christ of the Jehovahs Witness cult is NOT the LORD JESUS CHRIST OF THE BIBLE. Right James?
The JW ‘christ’ is ANOTHER CHRIST. Do you agree James? Then the ‘christ’ of the NASB is also a COUNTERFEIT CHRIST who was BEGOTTEN IN ETERNITY (the only BEGOTTEN GOD in John 1:18).
The Lord Jesus Christ of the KING JAMES BIBLE is the REAL and ONLY CHRIST. The ‘ALEXANDRIAN’ ‘bible’s have a CHRIST who is not virgin born, not God, not resurrected, a false prophet (Living Bible; Zechariah margin) and who is a CREATED BEING just like ORIGEN the bible HACKER believed. The Jehovahs Witness bible called The New World Translation has the SAME underlying Greek New Testament as the NASB, NIV, RV, Revised Standard Version and Good News Bible. They are all from the SAME source. The KING JAMES BIBLE SOURCE is completely different coming from the REFORMATION TEXTUS RECEPTUS. Your readers should see this.
The ALEXANDRIAN MANUSCRIPTS from EGYPT underlie the ‘versions’ published since 1881. Isn’t that a conspiracy!!

as well as some I’d like to ask you about (like Revelation 16:5),

Rev 16:5 ‘and shalt be’. Does this disturb you?

I appreciate your mail and thankyou for talking about the precious WRITTEN WORD OF THE LIVING GOD.

Regards, Matt

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