Lately, I have gotten quite interested (again) in creation, the flood, dinosaurs and other matters related to science and the Bible. I have been quite impressed with most of the material I’ve looked at, and not so impressed with others. I’ll admit that I’m a YEC, and what has interested me most in the past couple of weeks, has been the formation of the Grand Canyon and the existence of Dinosaurs and how these things speak to God’s judgment, his power, and the beauty of creation. The Bible declares that God created the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that is in them (Ex. 20:11); therefore, all of creation testifies to His existence.

I want to recommend some resources on these issues, and would encourage you also to take a look at them:

This book was recommended to me for introductory matters. Not sure if I care for the first part of the title, but there is nothing I can do about that: The New Creationism: Building Scientific Theory on a Biblical Foundation, by Paul Garner. More on introductory matters, I would recommend Science: The Whole Story; an interview (video) with Dr. Danny Faulkner.

There are some excellent journals and magazines such as Creation Magazine, the Journal of Creation (technical). Answers in Genesis produces Answers Magazine and Answers Research Journal (technical and online). There is also the Journal of Creation Theology and Science Series B: Life Sciences and Acts & Facts. There may be some other publications, but the ones mentioned will keep you busy.

Let me also recommend some video resources that I have been blessed by. First is the Origins program. The host interviews scholars such as Steve Austin, Danny Faulkner, and Andrew Snelling. Second, I would recommend the videos from Northwest Creation Network. This organization posts videos from past conferences from men such as Michael Oard, John Byle, Jonathan Sarfati, among others (some I know, others I do not know). Video from CMI are located here and children’s videos can be found here. This his enough to keep you busy.

There are other organizations to keep up with such as Tas Walker’s Biblical Geology site and local Creation Study groups, like the one in Greenville, SC.

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