Omar Abdel-Rahman, the “blind Sheik,” imprisoned years ago for his role in a plot to blow up New York City landmarks, has left instructions to “extract the most violent revenge” should he die in prison. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al-Quaida’s second in command, has said, “I call on every Muslim to make use of every opportunity afforded him to take revenge on America for its imprisonment of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman.” Abdel-Rahman’s health is failing fast, so another example of the nature of militant Islam will undoubtedly be headed our direction in the not too distant future.
   As of today, the caption on one of the pictures of Lee Strobel here says, “Christmas celebrates the birth of God, not a man.” Excuse me? Now, I really hope Mr. Strobel did not say that, or, if he did, it was only in the context of “Jesus is not just a man,” but the fact remains that the statement is simply sloppy and misleading. Jesus was the God-man, fully God, fully man. Sadly, many Christmas stories present more of a gnostic view of Jesus than a biblical one, and comments like this do not help much. I’m sure Lee Strobel believes Jesus was the God-man. So let’s try watching our statements and applying a certain level of care to them! (ht: TC).
   Finally, David Wood recently bashed his head forcibly against a stone wall; that is, he engaged in debate with Nadir Ahmed, the Peter Ruckman of Islamic apologists. Here you can read his comments on Islamic apologists, and hear his encounter with Nadir. I found the following paragraph most interesting:

Amazingly, throughout his career, Shabir’s methodology has raised few concerns. Only recently, in his debate with James White, has Shabir’s inconsistency been fully addressed. White challenged Shabir to provide a consistent method whereby Muslims may reject the New Testament (i.e. an argument against the New Testament that wouldn’t also refute the Qur’an), yet Shabir failed to provide such a method. It seems, then, that the Achilles Heel of Muslim apologetics has been found, and that a new age of Muslim debate must soon emerge.

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