I noted this announcement on Steve Ray’s blog:

The topic this Friday at 7 PM EST is “Bible Verses Often Overlooked by Protestants.” It will be preceeded by John Martignoni’s 1) Do Catholics take the Bible literally? and/or 2) Which Came First: The Church or the Bible?

Given the man’s track record, does anyone want to take bets that it will be much more “Bible Verses I Like to Talk About But Haven’t a Clue What Non-Catholic Scholars Actually Say About Them”? Maybe I will get a few mp3 gifts in e-mail from TQuid to play on the next DL.
Meanwhile I was reminded lately about the incredible double standards people are willing to embrace in the service of false religion. I was reading this article about more Muslim rioting due to the rumor of someone “blaspheming” Muhammad. Remember the “Muhammad the Teddy Bear” incident a few months ago? I was reminded about how Jalal Abualrub had at one point asked that an agreement be signed that there would be no blasphemy of Muhammad in the debates. Remember, one of those debates was titled, “Was Muhammad a Prophet?” Now, while Islam demands the right to deny the crucifixion, resurrection, and the deity of Christ, without calling that “blasphemy,” if you dare say Muhammad was not a prophet, you are guilty of blasphemy. The hypocrisy is blatant, but in most Western cultures, Muslims are getting away with this without anyone pointing to the double standard. What is more, the Muslims who might actually recognize the double standard are the small, small minority. The majority have no concerns whatsoever about using one standard to deny Christianity and another to claim constant reason for being offended. It is truly amazing to observe.
Since I am covering a wide variety of topics, I’d like to thank the Lockman Foundation and Dantona Industries for helping to get the word out on the Ehrman debate in January. I will be talking about the Ehrman subject today on the DL, and I truly believe that this debate will touch upon the central, key elements of the modern attack upon the Christian faith centered upon the reliability of God’s revelation in Scripture. Please continue to pray for that encounter, and if you can at all attend, do so! Please also realize that your support of this ministry in the months between now and then is vital to the success of that encounter. The more folks who stand with us during this time the more focused I will be able to be on the task at hand.
Finally, I just had to note the blurb Chris Arnzen put out regarding his program yesterday.

SHANE JACKSON, raised in a nominal Baptist home in Northern Alabama who converted to Traditionalist Catholicism 20 years ago, pursued a career as a Catholic apologist, and then, in 2002, after reading the classic book The Roman Catholic Controversy by James White and hearing Dr. White debate well known Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers on “The Bible Answer Man” radio broadcast, returned to the Baptist Faith, this time with a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, will address the theme: “THE TESTIMONY OF A ‘REVERT'”.

Shane, who has been blind since birth, is regularly involved in ministry outreach to the blind. He has also served on the staff of Solid Ground Christian Books (see www.solid-ground-books.com).

You can hear the interview with Shane here.

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