That has to be the longest title for a blog entry yet. A new record. At least I don’t have to worry about a comments string like poor Dan Phillips. There is something…almost sad about that. (wink)
   First, Angelz now has his own blog, so, I can link to his toons and you can get mad at him instead of me! What a relief! He listened to Nelson Price’s horrific, inexcusable bus stop illustration on the DL, slammed a Red Bull, and got out his pencil. Here’s the result. I love the “arguments on the bus go round and round and round and round.” The circularity of the argumentation currently flowing from the pulpit of FBC Woodstock is pretty easy to see, and rather simple to document.
   Next, we have this scarey article from the UK, indicating that an underground establishment of Sharia law (Islamic law) is taking place there. The same is happening in Canada. Folks, it’s real easy: law that has no divine basis is nothing but human opinion. Western “law” fell into the human opinion realm a long, long time ago when the clear connection to the Bible was ignored, and now openly denied. Western humanism is no match for Islamic fundamentalism.
   One of the best presentations given on our cruise was by Dr. Don Kistler. Here is his website. I strongly encourage you to peruse the materials he has available, especially his presentations on the Puritans. Another great option for providing godly, thought provoking, mind-improving presents during this season.
   I linked to the mp3s of the debate on baptism, but I’m concerned that the version we currently have is not complete. I know my introduction is missing, and someone has indicated that possibly some of the debate itself has disappeared. What we have is just a sampled-down version of what was posted on the opc website (the originals were posted in stereo–hardly need that for a debate–and at 112 bit sampling rate, which again, is way high, making the debate 124 megs in size. Our version is 27 megs, much easier to download, especially for those who still suffer from Dai Lup Syndrome). We have yet to receive the videos of the debate to be able to determine if anything is, in fact, missing, and if we will be able to do anything about it. If there is any audio of material missing from the audio recording on the videos, we will do what we can to amplify and clean it up digitally and insert it into the audio recordings. And, of course, we will do our best to sync up the audio recording with the videos (two cameras, independently of each other, using different recording media, were used). Please be patient as we attempt to provide a final and full version of this important debate.
   Finally, a word of wisdom to those considering being a part of The Cross: Historicity and Theology in October of 2007. I know that sounds like a long time from now, but it truly is not, and in reality, what we can actually do then is pretty much determined by how folks respond now to the offering. Please do not put off registration. Let Sovereign Christian Cruises know of your interest today! This will help us not only to plan properly, but to provide the best cruise possible! It will also help us in planning the debate in the Seattle area the preceding Saturday evening. Pray as we seek to provide the most edifying and challenging experience ever in Seattle next October!

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