One of the greatest tests for one’s theology is how well it survives the simple application to the everyday Christian life, and how it works in the ministry of the elders in the congregation. Most books today that are “practical” are theologically abhorrent; and not many that are theologically accurate bridge the gap to the practical application in every day life. Since we Reformed folks are often accused of being imbalanced, preferring our books on theology to the real-life work of pastoral ministry, allow me to recommend a work from the past, put back into print by our friends at Solid Ground Christian Books.

Ichabod Spencer would have to use a pen name today, I do believe. I really doubt many publishers would want him using “Ichabod.” But he likewise would find it hard to get published at all, since his theology is not “politically correct” today. But if you wish to read practical, pastoral application of passionate theology, Spencer’s A Pastor’s Sketches is what you want to get. If you have ever wondered, “How do I apply this wonderful theology in directing men and women to Christ?” this resource will aid you greatly. I highly recommend it.

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