OK, I’m obviously behind the times. Too buried to see straight, all that stuff. But after a couple who frequent our chat channel went and saw Fireproof a few evenings ago, and came back just bubbling about how good it was, I decided I would take my wife and we would catch a matinee showing today. I don’t see many movies, to be honest. I saw Rocky Balboa (what was that, December of 2006?), and the next movie I saw in a theater was Expelled. So today the wife and I went and saw Fireproof.
   All I can say is “wow.” Simply tremendous. Yes, yes, I’m biased. How? Well, if you have seen any of the new season of Way of the Master you know I have spent time with Kirk and Ray. In fact, as soon as the film was over and we were walking out of the theater I called Kirk and congratulated him on a tremendous performance. But I will tell you, at the climax of the film all you could hear in the theater was quiet weeping from both men and women, it was that moving. I could not help but rejoice that a film of this quality was screening at the same time as Bill Maher’s celebration of depravity.
   So while I am way behind on this topic, let me at least encourage you to catch Fireproof while it is still in theaters. Husbands, take your wives! Wives, take your husbands! Single people, go anyway! And to Kirk: thank you, brother, for a tremendous performance. May the Lord bless this film to the betterment of many a marriage, and may the gospel message be used to bring His elect unto Himself.

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