For years I have been responsible for deciding on a film to show at our New Years Eve celebration at PRBC. We’ve shown all sorts of films, like Martin Luther: Heretic, the Radicals, etc. Last year we saw Facing the Giants. This year I wanted to show FireProof. So I e-mailed Kirk Cameron and asked if sometime this week we might hook up for me to record a few minutes with him via Skype regarding the film to play before we saw the movie. But we kept missing each other. Finally this evening I texted Kirk and said I was sorry we had missed each other. He texted back and asked what my deadline was, so I called. Since he was near his computer and we were just starting, I set up my MacBook Pro, attached my modem, fired it up, got Skype going, plugged in the speakers we have in the fellowship room to the computer, and voila…got a ten minute live interview with Kirk about the film while the congregation quietly munched away on pizza. Since a number of folks had not seen the film, having Kirk’s introduction made it all the more special for them (as they commented afterwards). So I would like to thank Kirk for taking time away from his evening to talk with me and the folks at PRBC about the film on New Year’s Eve. I truly appreciate it, and appreciate Kirk as a friend and co-laborer in the Lord.

   I had pretty much despaired of using this image. When I had purchased the photocopied version of Erasmus’ 3rd edition of his Novum Testamentum (1522) I had been very disappointed when it arrived. The image backgrounds are dark, dark grey, making the writing next to illegible. But when I decided I wanted to include a scan from the text in the next edition of The King James Only Controversy (which I just finished editing!) I decided to try to clean up a high resolution scan I took on our copier/scanner. I made it look better, but…it wasn’t close to being really usable in the book.
   So I decided to ask Hacim, Son of Ramalah, King of Graphics. At least, that’s how I refer to him. Hacim isn’t really his name…well, it is, only…well, you’d have to be in channel to figure it out (or have a mirror handy, I guess). Hacim is one of our volunteers. Like the graphics on this website? He did them. Like the banner ads? He did them. Don’t like the theology on the blog? Don’t blame him! When I need graphics, he’s the man. Well, he took what I had done, and produced this:

[For those interested, the reason for the attention to this text is that the King James has a clearly, documentable, unquestionable error at Revelation 16:5, where it follows Beza’s conjectural emendation and lacks the Greek phrase you can see at the beginning of the second to last line in this graphic, ὁ ὅσιος, ho osios, “Oh Holy One.” I am documenting, very fully, this error in the KJV in the next edition of the book.]
   From next to unreadable to clear as can be. So I wanted to thank Hacim for all the great work he does for A&O as a volunteer (some of which you have never seen, some of which you see only in my debate presentations, etc.). And that reminded me to thank all the folks who help Rich and I. DeoVolente, Shamgar, ENielsen, Dale, TurretinFan, Carla, Algo, bluewoad, justrozie, Ordo, Keith, RazorsKiss, TQuid, Lane, Floggy, etc. (all folks in our chat channel who are so often called upon to help out, research, track down URLs, and so much more). Thanks to all who assist us in doing the work of the ministry! We couldn’t do it without you!

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