Back at the ol’ homestead, trying to dig out from all the “life” that piles up when you are away. Why do car batteries die at the most inopportune times? And could anyone direct me to the guy who designed the location of the battery in a PT Cruiser? I’d like to whip the guy with a wet noodle.
   Anyway, tomorrow on the DL (yes, a live DL!) I would like to talk a bit about the Mitt Romney speech. News flash! 99.9% of all news commentators, 99% of all conservative pundits (including some who should know better), and 98% of all evangelicals do not have a clue what Mormonism teaches, and has taught, on the nature of God. Wow, there’s a revelation. That’s the kind of insight you can find only here! I did not expect a meaningful primer on LDS theology from Romney, despite the fact that I am completely convinced he is fully aware of the entire spectrum of LDS theology, and how contradictory it is to orthodox Christian beliefs. His family includes General Authorities of the LDS Church, so the idea he is unaware of these things is simply untenable. So exactly what was accomplished by his stating that he believes Jesus is the Son of God and the Savior of the world, both phrases with completely unique meanings in LDS theology? Every LDS missionary on his bicycle would tell you that. What is truly sad are the conservative pundits who think this is some revelation, and now all the questions are answered! As I said from the start, the level of conversation Romney’s candidacy will produce will be so dismal, so horrific, it should throw a strong light on the utter lack of theological discernment that marks so much of post-evangelicalism today.
   On the brighter side, the USofA is not the Holy Land, and God is busy building His church and glorifying Himself by drawing His elect unto Himself all over the world, and getting to meet and fellowship with brothers in the Lord from far away lands has once again reminded me that viewing all of God’s work through a lens that sees things in a red/white/blue filter will only lead you to think things are much worse than they actually are! So maybe we can discuss some of that on the DL as well. In any case, it will air at its regular time!

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