I’ve lived in Phoenix for over thirty years, and ridden over 31,000 miles around the state on a bicycle, but until last Wednesday, I had never ridden in South Mountain Park. No, I do not know why. Anyway, last Wednesday I rode up to the top of South Mountain and truly enjoyed the effort. It is only seven miles from the start, but you climb over 1200 feet in the process. I love climbing (not so much descending), so I really enjoyed the ride. Since I’m headed out tomorrow and will be missing most of my riding for the rest of the week, I decided to make the most of my last day at home for a while and headed back to South Mountain, this time to ride to the top not once, but twice. I was smiling the first time up, not so much the second, as you can see. But it was a gorgeous morning, and I managed to get in 28.1 miles with 2760 feet of ascent (over half a mile!). A great blessing to have the health to be able to do that, to be sure.
Headed to Tampa in the morning for the Brandon Conference, and then off to LA on Saturday. Hope to see many of you who live in those areas (though, given the trans-continental weekend I have coming up, I doubt I’ll see anyone at both events!).

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