I’m bummed he has chosen to leave his wife and bum around with Cheryl Crow, and oh I wish he would come to see Who it is who has blessed him with such talent…and I confess, I had hoped he’d retire after #6 and go out on top. I was uncertain he would have the “eye of the tiger” so as to win #7. But I confess, despite all that, as Le Tour has begun, I can’t keep myself from rooting for Team Discovery and Lance Armstrong. He sure put the whole field on notice, at age 33, that he’s still the man to beat, coming in second in record time in the first individual time trial, and even lapping Jan Ulrich and beating him by 1:06! Just amazing. There is simply no athletic challenge like Le Tour. If you’ve ever ridden a hard century ride, you know what those men are doing for three weeks. The intensity is simply beyond imagination.

I just happened to notice, however, on the Oakley website, that when he came down with cancer, Oakley stuck with him, hiring him and putting him on their insurance policy when his other sponsors dumped him. I thought that was awesome. Way to go Oakley. Makes me like my Oakleys all the more.

So, go Lance go. It’s hammertime.

Quick Update: Lance has the yellow jersey! Discovery Team won the team time trial today! I don’t know if Lance has ever taken the yellow jersey this early in the race before (4th stage), but I know they specifically designed Le Tour this year to be as anti-Lance as possible, so this may all be according to plan.

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