I am thrilled to link to the statement on justification by the faculty of Westminster Seminary in Escondido. I truly believe over the next decade we will need to continue to epagonizomai in defense of the “once for all delivered to the saints faith” (Jude 3) and that it will be this very area that will be at the center of the battle. And as with preceding generations, the lines of battle will shift and change, for the enemies of truth are always busy redefining themselves and their position so as to create as much confusion as possible in the hearts and minds of others. As Calvin said in the sermon linked below, “His meaning then is that there were Cozeners [deceivers, frauds] which intermeddled themselves underminingly with the faithful, and yet all was no more but to cause the truth of the Gospel to be corrupted….Furthermore let us fight against such dogs, knowing that they be deadly plagues, and do much more harm then they that leap quite out of their sockets, and show themselves manifestly to be despisers of the Gospel. Those then that are intermeddled among us are the worser sort, and it standeth us on hand to resist them manfully. For if we shrink from them in the battle, surely we shall have so much the greater confusion, and men shall not be able anymore to put a difference between white and black.” Goodness, yes, I know his phraseology is politically incorrect these days, and what is worse, he seemingly forgot to just grab these “frauds” by their baptism, they being false-but-still-true-in-a-sense brothers who are just like unfaithful husbands but are still husbands.

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