I suppose it has been pretty obvious for a while now that Bob Ross (not the “pretty flowers” Ross, the other guy) is about as Reformed in his theology as…Joel Osteen, since his blog is titled the “Calvinist Flyswatter.” Ross’ rambling rants (now coming two or three a day) against anything Calvinistic are spinning so far off into the realm of the absurd that it is probably time to remove his feed from the ol’ RSS list out of sheer embarrassment for the poor man. His most recent offering, in which he tries to argue Osteen is more consistent with Spurgeon than Founders churches and other “hybrid Calvinists” (the term he uses for those he has decided to skewer, despite how often he has been corrected on their actual beliefs), pretty well demonstrates Ross’ “I see only what I want to see” mentality when it comes to argumentation and logic. And as such, it seems best to close the door on the Bob Ross saga, say “thanks” one last time for all those colorful Spurgeon volumes on the shelf, ask him to try to regain some sense of balance or even honesty, smile, and say “good night.”
   Oh…the Cardinals thing seemed just as connected to reality as Ross’ claims.

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