As we promised, we are making available an mp3 of the presentation made by myself and Tom Ascol at our national conference in Orlando. In that presentation we both gave a presentation summarizing what we wished to say in our opening statements in the debate-that-never-was. Then, we played clips from the sermons of Ergun and Emir Caner against their flawed understanding of “Calvinism,” and replied to their most common arguments. This isn’t the same as a debate, but it is about as close as you can get.
   We truly encourage folks to give this mp3 to anyone who is at all familiar with the events of 2006 relating to the Caner situation, Liberty University, etc. Feel free to distribute it far and wide, particularly amongst the students at Liberty. They deserve to hear the other side! While we are making this available at no charge, please remember that such things are not, in fact, free, and keep us in mind as you consider supporting the Lord’s work.
   Here’s the message. May the Lord bless it to His glory!

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