I was just referred to the Berean Call radio program from 2/26 (you can hear it here) where Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon discussed Calvinism again. There’s really nothing new here—same stuff Hunt has been saying from the start. And that’s the point. There is almost no difference in the falsehoods, errors, straw-men, and simple mind-boggling ignorance that Hunt demonstrated in our very first radio program years ago—before the first of many error-filled versions of What Love is This? cursed the bookshelves of America. He has not heard a word of what I, or anyone else, has said to him. Nothing. Willful, obstinate, documented refusal to speak the truth. It is shameful.
But the worst thing about listening to this short sound clip is this: one of the very first things I pointed out to Dave Hunt was that he had mis-cited Matthew 23:37 in his newsletter. I have documented this. I have pointed out the exegetical importance of recognizing the context of Matthew 23 and the distinction between “you” and “your children” and the role this has in the Lord’s denunciations of the Pharisees. Hunt has had no meaningful response, of course, but despite this, as you listen to him rambling on in this sound clip, prepare yourself for his recitation of Matthew 23:37. Yes, once again, he mis-quotes the text! He can’t even learn to accurately represent the words of Scripture! It is simply beyond all comprehension. Just amazing. Yes, I will be playing the clip, Lord willing, on the DL tomorrow.

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