James Swan, who is involved in teaching ministry at the Pompton Plains Reformed Bible Church in New Jersey, will address “ Did Martin Luther Believe in the Reformed Tulip?

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James has a hobby of tracking down obscure Luther facts. Today we’ll examine some of the recent claims about Martin Luther, as well as address the similarities between Calvinism and Luther’s theology.

Because of the emphasis James places on the Reformation, his writing tends to attract defenders of the Roman Catholic Church. He spends considerable time interacting with the arguments and materials they produce, calling them to embrace the sole authority of the Scriptures, and salvation by faith alone through grace alone, because of Christ alone.

James is also a member of “Team Apologian”, contributing articles to the blog on the web site of renowned Bible scholar Dr. James R. White’s Alpha and Omega Ministries , contributes Reformation articles for Christian apologist Dr. Eric Svendsen’s New Testament Research Ministries‘ website, and has had articles published in the Reformed periodical, The Outlook . He also runs his own daily blog, Beggars All: Reformation and Apologetics , dedicated to historical and Biblical research on the Protestant Reformation.

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