I was sent a link by someone a few days ago of one Jon Modene preaching about his visit to R.C. Sproul’s church. Today I took the time to load it up while working on other things. I could not believe what I was hearing. So I sent an e-mail to the link provided on Sermon Audio and said that this “sermon” was “simply embarrassing.” I described it as “incredible” and “beyond all bounds of reason, logic and truthfulness.” I exhorted him to apologize for “this incredible example of gross misrepresentation and falsehood.”
   The response I got back would have curled my hair, if I had any. So I will add Jon Modene’s incredible attack on Dr. Sproul to the rotation of clips we are examining on the DL, starting today. It seems fitting to throw it in along with the Barry Lynn/John Shelby Spong material, to be honest, given that Modene consigns both myself and Dr. Sproul to the realms of the lost. Be listening!

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