Well, if I had written out how I expected the debate to go…I would have been wrong. I never expected legions of straw-men, enough ignorance of Reformed theology to make Dave Hunt proud, and a nasty, cutting presentation aimed not at the thesis but at me, in particular. But hey, I can roll with the punches, and once again, as in Debating Calvinism, the contrast between the two sides was very, very marked. While I accurately cited his book just briefly to give the audience context, he quoted snippets from debates, presenting a theology that had so little resemblance to what I actually believe it was almost like reading a comic-book. While I focused upon the specific thesis topics in my PowerPoints, he included one portion where he showed a large mansion, saying, “This is what Dr. White thinks his gospel is: glorifying to God and majestic. But since his definition of faith is rotten, in reality, this is Dr. White’s gospel…” flipping to a picture of a run down, leaning over, rotten wooden shack in a field. Yes, this was the level of his presentation. I was simply amazed. Dr. Wilkin must have skipped the classes at Dallas where they actually presented Reformed theology, for one thing is for sure, he has a very, very warped view of what it is.

More when I return. Thank you for your prayers, and a special thanks to Mark Bainter for driving up to OKC and video taping the debate. Mark may not technically work for A&O, but without him, and just a few others like him, we would not be doing what we are doing right now. God bless you all.

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