Just a couple of items. First, I tracked down the Dividing Line program where I played the phone call where Akin tried to deal with his claims about inceptive aorists in John 6:44. Here’s the link. Fast forward to 33 minutes in, if you wish to only hear the relevant section. I would love to ask Mr. Akin how he defends his simple, basic error on this topic (and that documented below). Note that we invited Akin to come on the Dividing Line to defend his position. 

Next, there is another “Mary sighting,” this time at a hospital in Ensenada, Mexico. Here’s a not-overly-impressive picture of what is so painfully obviously a water stain. See the light there? Yeah, water drips off of it. Drips on the wall. Water leaves stain. The effect of water over time on a surface is called a water stain. According to stories I have read, they are already holding vigils, prayer services, and a group is staying the night each night to “protect Mary.” As well they have to. A number of years ago a yucca branch appeared in Phoenix that someone said looked like Mary. People began flocking to it. But a few days into the “apparition” someone came along with a machete and wacked the branch off. For some odd reason the yucca did not produce another Marian-shaped branch. 

This is not the first time Mariolatry has led to people bowing down before water stains. Here is a picture of the reconstituted water stain Mary from Clearwater Florida, before which thousands prostrated themselves. Ironically, recently someone de-Marianized the building with a slingshot. I wonder if the Marian group that bought the building for millions of dollars will lose the ability to get messages from Mary due to this action?


Some folks have criticized us in the past for debating Roman Catholics on the Marian dogmas. Not only do those dogmas illustrate, more clearly than almost anything else, how Rome’s attacks on sola scriptura exist solely to allow them to free themselves from the constraints of Scripture and any meaningful use of the term “tradition,” but the fact is that Mariolatry is epidemic in Roman Catholic life all across the world. It gives a false hope, and if we truly care about those trapped in its grip, we will speak the truth to them with clarity.

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