Try to read past the acidic tone (a commonality of rC’s these days); step back, listen, consider, and come to understand the capacity of the modern scholar to turn the most obvious statements on their head. But remember, through it all, I’m just a dumb Baptist, and it is probably my fault, too. 🙂 Prepare to enter the theological spin zone…. (BTW: one of the really, really sad things about this rC movement and its insistence upon trying to form Rome in its own image is that obviously no one is saying Rome promotes atheism and says, “Trust in yourself, not in Christ!” What Warfield was saying, what we have been saying since this particular rC was in high school, and more importantly, what Paul was saying long ago, was that Christ will not share His glory with others, and the gospel is compromised when men insert themselves in the process the way Rome does. How on earth would this modern scholar engage the likes of Bellarmine, we wonder? Thank the Lord those who stood firm for the gospel in the past did not share his ability to turn white into black and black into white).

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