About a week ago I commented on Owen’s discussion of the Bodily Assumption of Mary, and noted how serious Rome was when she defined this as a dogma of the faith, something to be accepted de fide. It is truly a testimony to the internal collapse of the Roman system in our day that so few who profess Roman Catholicism actually believe its teachings. Having seen the secular character of Italian culture first-hand, I can tell you Rome has some very serious problems.
   In any case, I was thinking about the topic and took the time to record a short clip (3 minutes) from the cross-examination of my debate with Gerry Matatics on the Marian dogmas back in 1996. Listen carefully to what Matatics says. He asserts we have the exact same basis to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ that we have to believe in the Bodily Assumption of Mary. Don’t believe me, listen carefully to what he says, and then ponder how anyone could ever come to such a conclusion. Ironically, that kind of dogged “Rome’s teachings are true, change history to fit them if need be” viewpoint comes through clearly in his finally leaving the Roman communion and concluding that modern Rome has abandoned its heritage, etc. Of course, if the current pope could be in error, then why…well, never mind, let’s not get into that circular mess. I’ll leave Gerry and his critics to figure that one out.

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