Dr. Francis Beckwith has posted an article regarding his reversion to the Roman Catholic Church here. I will withhold commentary on the reasons he gives (they are quite interesting for what they say, and more importantly, for what they do not say) until later, but for now, I wish to note that Dr. Beckwith has done the right thing and has stepped down as President of ETS. He writes, “But given the fact that it is unlikely that I would have been elevated to the presidency of ETS by its membership if my reception into the Catholic Church had occurred prior to the time of my candidacy, I think it would have been more than reasonable for these gentlemen to ask me to step down.” This is completely in line with the reasoning I offered originally in reference to my conclusion that the ethical thing to do here would be to step down. I am thankful to see this for many reasons, but most importantly, it will allow the actual reasons Dr. Beckwith cites for his move back to Rome to be the focus of serious discussion rather than the ETS situation.

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