First, take a moment to read this short blog article by Frank Turk from July of 2008. Then note Frank Beckwith’s description of him as a “rabid anti-Catholic blogger” here.

Note this section:

I had no idea that Mr. Turk was so gifted in the clairvoyant arts, able to not only jump the space-time continuum to observe my teenage years but to pierce the veil of cognitive and spiritual privacy in order to extract from my soul the reflections, contemplations, and judgments that were instrumental in my journey back to Catholicism. Given his unusual interest in comic book aesthetics, perhaps he possesses powers not unlike the mutants that populate the imaginary world to which he seems so drawn (pardon the pun). Or perhaps he is just ill-mannered and presumptuous.

   Evidently, this is what anyone can expect as a response if you dare question Beckwith’s “spiritual journey.” It seems Beckwith does not believe he has provided sufficient information from his own writings and lectures to allow any meaningful observations regarding either his commitments when a non-Catholic or his return to obedience to Rome. So even if you listen carefully to his interviews since his return to Rome, or read his book, and carefully consider what he says, and just as importantly, what he does not, you will still be identified as “ill-mannered and presumptuous.” I have a feeling I know what we will hear once we publish our response to Beckwith’s biographical story of his return to Rome.

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