Paul Owen just can’t stay away from my blog. No matter how completely focused upon other issues I might be, ol’ Paul just can’t make it through a week without promoting his wishy-washy form of Anglo-Mormo-Catholicism. This time it’s just funny, however. I posted a clip from my debate with Peter Stravinskas. Now, you will note, I posted two prior clips as well. Both were on exegetical and historical issues. Both were lengthy periods of interaction. Both represented very well the substance of the debate. So, after fairly representing the debate, I provided the most memorable audience question. It was not my question. I responded to it on the fly just like Stravinskas. But note how Owen takes it:

I must admit, I brought Tobit into the discussion because of some comments I saw on another website, in which someone attempted to make a Catholic priest look like an imbecile for defending Tobit’s statements about almsgiving. But Tobit’s statements, while certainly capable of being misused to promote a sort of works righteousness, can just as easily be understood in keeping with biblical piety.

   I even had Roman Catholics likewise complaining about the clip. Hey folks, you should be writing to Peter Stravinskas about his response to an audience question, not to me! How on earth can I be held accountable for his replies to audience questions?
   Truly makes me wonder what would happen if I posted some of the video from the Martin Tanner debate. I am sure Owen would defend the Mormons at that point as well.
   Note to Paul: don’t you have anything better to be doing? I sure do! Spent the day while traveling working on gathering the needed resources to respond to the “tomb of Jesus” attack on the very heart of the Christian faith. Read the book, got Rich Pierce and Marie Peterson working on ordering in materials for writing a response. I was evening pulling down resources on my Blackberry while waiting for my flight on the second leg of my cross-country journey! What is it like, Paul, to live your life sniping at others all the time, rather than doing something, you know, original? Meaningful? Try it some time! I invite you to delete from your blog reading list. Try it for a month. I know it would be the first time in like eleven years you did not define your entire life by your hatred of me, but believe me, it would be good for you! 🙂

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