Thanks to all of you who wrote to let me know what a “git” is. Silly naive me: if I had known this fellow was a student of Art Sippo, I would have thought the worst, but since I didn’t, and there were numerous other problems with the spelling of his insulting invective, it seemed logical to look for another alternative. But now that he has identified himself as a clone of Art Sippo, it all makes sense. There is an entire spectrum of RC “apologists” who believe condescending insults are substantive arguments (see the examples provided in the Mark Bonocore article noted earlier), even to the point of the juvenile refusal to use a person’s proper name, etc. (think of Gail Riplinger, but with a real nasty, bad attitude). Most of these folks are so far out there they can only communicate with a small audience who, for whatever reasons, are insensitive to the shrill nature of their invective-laced writings and talks. As I am headed to England soon, I will have to remember that term: and, as is only proper, avoid it.

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