Hmmn, should I fall for the trap? Will I call up Mr. White, only to have him hang up on me like he did crimsoncatholic, and then, once crimsoncatholic couldn’t respond, bash him for saying he was laughing at God’s Word, when it was obviously not the case?

Or will I call in to give my specific examples, and then Mr. White, knowing where I’m headed, try to steer the conversation into satispassio or the bodily assumption of Mary?

I may have to wipe the dust off his books once again. How many examples of dishonesty or lack of scholarship should I come up with? Is 10 good enough?

I’ll have to pray about this. I think the real question is, will this benefit anyone if I do call in, and will it glorify God?

   This participant on the Catholic Answers Forums says he is not a Catholic (he did not say what he was, at least at that point).
   Let me provide a prediction, if I may. For many years we have documented the rumor-mongering, ad-hominem filled nature of the myth-making realm of Roman Catholic apologetics on the Internet. Over and over again we have provided examples of people making wild accusations against me and others who stand with me against Rome’s claims. Of course, their accusations are always just like this man’s: vague, undocumented. And when you challenge them, one of two things happens. Most often, they just disappear. They go silent, because they know they are not up to the task of substantiating their accusations. But the second (and this is why I hope he will call) is useful to a wider audience: 99% of the time these people are using the term “dishonesty” and “lack of scholarship” to refer to areas of simple disagreement. It is not that I am dishonestly misrepresenting Rome’s position, it is that they think I’m wrong regarding my response, nothing more. The few times people have called in to back up their statements, we have seen this illustrated, and it would be helpful to illustrate it yet again. The chances are not good for a simple reason: accusations of dishonesty are simply false. But who knows? The Dividing Line airs Tuesday afternoon, 2pm EDT, and Thursday evening, 7pm EDT.

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