When you think about it, if you can write a three-volume set about a theology based upon thin air in Scripture, you can’t be too concerned about little things like facts, truth, reality, etc. And surely, Mark Shea doesn’t sweat the “little stuff” along those lines! No indeed. He noticed the Newser mistake where someone threw my picture up instead of Anderson’s (mistake corrected a few hours later) and just had to write about it. Can’t pass up a shot at Baptists now, can you? But, in the process, he demonstrated that once again, facts are not his strength:

Poor James White
From our “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Dept.” we find James White being muddled up with Lunatic Pastor Steven Anderson by some newsite that specializes more in panic about Theocracy than in accuracy. Anderson garnered some attention over the past few weeks when he graduated from obsessing over urination to praying for Obama’s death. He’s been a focus of White’s wrath for some time because of his other obsession: the King James Version, God’s only Truly True Bible. Oh, and he’s also a Baptist from a not quite perfectly perfect Baptist sect (meaning “not White’s perfectly perfect sect”.) White (whose infallibility is multi-faceted) has for years defended the One True Faith not only from Romanists, but from JWs, Mormons, Muslims, and sundry obscure religious movements such as the “KJV-only” crowd. Anderson drives him crazy so he periodically issue a bulletin refuting whatever nutty thing Anderson has said lately.

However, in the world of high-paced Secular Theocrat Panic, if you’ve seen one Fundy Baptist, you’ve seen ’em all. So Newser just went out and grabbed the first photo they could find from a Google of “Steven Andersen Baptist” and slapped it up there without bothering to find out if the photo was actually of Anderson or of somebody opposed to Anderson. Voila! White has finally achieved what he always hungered for: fame and recognition! It’s like a Greek comedy.

   It only takes a moment to search on “Anderson” on my blog: and the first appearance of any discussion of the fellow is September 1, 2009. Sure I knew about him before. His “sermon” about standing while…relieving yourself is an Internet sensation, to be sure. But Shea seems to think he drives me “crazy,” when nothing could be farther from the truth. I’ve been dealing with KJV Only folks for so long the last thing they do is drive me “crazy.” So my first reference to him was actually when I addressed his “I Hate Barack O’Bama” sermon on 9/1; I posted the “Burning NIVs” video shortly thereafter. And that is it. So what is Shea talking about when he says I “periodically issue a bulletin refuting whatever nutty thing Anderson has said lately”? I haven’t a clue, do you? But as I said, no chance to take a shot at the Baptists can be passed over—though, it would be nice if Shea had read my own comments on the description offered by his fellow Roman Catholics who originally pointed out the error. That would have been nice.

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