Upon reading l0g0s’ denial that the gospel itself is included in the truth vouchsafed to the Church and protected by the Spirit on his blog, my comments on today’s DL, and the blog entry below, I knew an in-depth response would be forthcoming. Well, here it is: 

Listen to the latest Dividing Line by James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries as he continues to elaborate on just how wrong my take of 2 John 1-7 is. 

Yeah, go ahead, click the link. It’s so cute! Shall we see or hear a meaningful defense of his assertion that the truth of the gospel will not abide with the church? Will we hear a re-adjustment of his claims so that maybe at least a part of the gospel (let me guess–baptism–but surely not justification or anything that could be prefixed with the term “sola”) can be protected and said to be part of the truth that will abide with us? Who knows?

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