In light of the DL yesterday, I was directed to this article regarding the cooperation of Luis Palau with Rome in his “crusade” in Omaha, Nebraska. I link to this despite the fact that I’m not listed in the sidebar ( sniff, sniff ). Pat Abendroth, of the (in)famous Abendroth Brothers (rumor has it they were once in a rock band, somewhere, but that’s strictly a secret), pastor of Omaha Bible Church, tells me that for some odd reason, they are not joining in the fun. Something about the gospel.
   Which reminded me of a story Steve Camp told on our cruise last year. I am going by memory (I’d love to see Steve provide his own version of the story), but he had been asked to sing at a Palau crusade. When he had finished, he was sitting on the platform. Then Palau asked the local Roman Catholic bishop to close the meeting in prayer. Steve was shocked and incensed. He knew he had to do something, so, in a split second decision, he turned his back on the platform when the bishop took the podium. Palau had a cow (that rhymes). For some reason, ol’ Campi hasn’t been invited back since!
   I know, I know. “How mean, how…much like an apologist!” or the like. Reality reminder: every Roman Catholic priest, in his ordination, is identified as an “alter Christus,” another Christ. Think about it, and ask yourself a simple question: if that doesn’t offend you, just what would it take for you to be offended in behalf of the honor of your Lord?

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