One may recall that Patrick Madrid has a web forum called Speak your Mind Apologetics Forum. He uses the URL “SurprisedByTruth” for his web site. I noted with little surprise that he had recently decided to stop my friend who uses the nick “Algo” from speaking his mind and surprising the Roman Catholics in that forum with the truth of Scripture and truths about the Early Church Fathers. However, I did have to smile a bit when I noticed that the entire forum has now been encased in a protective shell of registration, lest outsiders shine any more light on the deception routinely attempted there.

That’s right, they’ve turtled: gone into their shells so that when they speak their own mind no one outside their tightly limited group will be able easily to correct them. One is truly reminded of the child who stuffs his fingers in his ears and shouts a bit louder so as to plausibly deny that he has heard what is being told him.

Is this what Roman Catholic Apologetics (or at least Patrick Madrid’s variety thereof) has been reduced to? What’s next? Will Patrick’s next debate (assuming he debates again) be “recording prohibited” so that no one can respond to it? Will his blog be hidden too? Who knows.


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