Evidently Steve Ray doesn’t have much to say. Though he was quite proud of himself when he posted his many page pdf a few months ago (cobbled together, obviously, from pre-existing materials lurking in the recesses of his hard-drive), he quickly decided that though he had spent the weekend doing that, I wasn’t worth responding to, so, he wasn’t going to reply to the refutation of his claims. Fair enough. Yet, this morning, out of the blue, he links to the single most embarrassing thing Patrick Madrid has ever put in print: Envoy’s decade old hit piece against me regarding a footnote in my article on the Council of Nicea in the Christian Research Journal. You know, the article that set the standard for Roman Catholic pop apologists, where you don’t mention the writer you are lampooning, and don’t even give your readers a reference to the original article so that they can see how badly and obviously you are misrepresenting them? Yes, that one. Even if Ray has taken note of the easy refutations of this article that have been around for a long time, and how even referring to such reprehensible writing decimates one’s credibility, I truly doubt he would allow that to stop him. Cheap shots are easy and quick, and as long as you have no respect for your audience, they are quite useful.

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