A few days after this debate a young lady, maybe 14 or so, came up to me after I spoke at a local church. “Dr. White, why did Mr. Sungenis hate you so much?”
   Yes, it was a pretty nasty debate. It led, for a brief period of time, to a bit of a “truce,” meaning that at least the 2000 debate on justification between myself and Sungenis was mild in comparison. But this was back before Sungenis combined geocentrism with some odd form of Jewish conspiracy theory and ushered himself unceremoniously out of the Roman Catholic apologetics picture. I still get a note about him once in a while, but for all intents and purposes, he has fulfilled the constant element of the titles of his own books: he is now alone.
   In any case, here is a discussion of various historical truths regarding the development, over the centuries, of the concept of transubstantiation in the Mass.

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