Some of you will remember the name Marty Minto. I was filling in for Marty when I interviewed Dave Hunt in 2000 regarding Calvinism. I was on Marty’s show many times. In fact, it was a debate on Marty’s show on KPXQ here in Phoenix that eventually led to the writing of The Same Sex Controversy. Marty left the area three or four years ago, and is pastoring out in Pennsylvania, but he also went to work at WORD FM hosting another talk program.

I hope I had a positive influence on Marty. At least in one area it seems I did. Check this link out. WORD FM, a Salem Radio Network station, let Marty go after he raised the issue of whether the Pope went to heaven! What an amazing thing! I mean, good grief, Roman Catholic theology itself raises that question, but so-called “evangelicalism” cannot even allow the question to be raised, let alone discussed in a meaningful fashion! What an incredible insight into just how far “evangelicalism” has fallen from the evangel! More on this soon, as I’m really trying to get hold of Marty to invite him to be with me on the DL. I would love to talk to the folks who fired him as well, but I sorta doubt that is going to happen.

UPDATE! As of 3pm EDT, Marty Minto is scheduled to join me on the DL this evening. He is, as you can imagine, a bit busy today doing interviews, but I have known Marty for years, and more than once dropped what I was doing to join him in studio, so I’m hoping not to get trumped by Nightline or something. 🙂 877-753-3341 is the toll free number to call to talk to Marty and myself. It will be fun to have him on the other end of the microphone, so to speak, having been interviewed by him so many times! Be listening this afternoon/evening, 7pm EDT, 4pm PDT (and, of course, 4pm MST, the only time that doesn’t change!).

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