Ol’ centuri0n is back at it again! Yeah, he’s always looking to start a fight, that one! Then he can make a t-shirt about how he survived the fight (never about how he won it) and add in some trinket sales, too. Good ol’ cent. Anyway, he saw my shameless attempt to woo (not quite the same as “draw” in John 6:44) the Calvinist Gadfly and TQuid over to Team Apologian (sounds better than prosapologian), and my comment that with those two on board, we’d be in a position to knock off the Bishops of Blogdom, the Rulers of RSS, the Pyromaniacs. His retort was emblematic of the insight, depth, and power of the TrinketMan’s apologetics:

What James has overlooked is that while his Dream Team would be some very sound thinkers and generally decent and thorough apologists, aomin.org looks like it was last remodeled in 1979.
And listen: I say that after having sent at least one very nice template ugrade to them for nothing about 6 months ago. That purple thing that site has sported for the last decade or whatever is, um, well, I’m sure it was a great idea before CSS was invented, or people used something better than a VGA monitor …

   Now, of course, this came along with the ubiquitous comic graphic, which always helps you to make a deep theological point, to be certain (at least I actually make my fractals). I mean, who will question your theological points when some green monster with muscles ten times the size of Arnold is ready to cut you in half with some huge battle ax? So anyway, a few corrections to cent’s comments. First, there was no net in 1979. Our site is vintage…99 or 00 or so, I’ve been told. Second, the gurus of the net tell me that slapping a different template on a blog is very simple. Changing the template of an entire website the size of ours, especially one that was not originally designed to make that job easy, is very, very time consuming. Believe me, I would like nothing more than to have a website that looks like something created in the modern era, but since it has something to do with the shopping cart and links to the audio files and all that, well, I’m hoping to be up to about 2005 by 2010 or so. So yeah, our template is so old and primitive it is able to collect Internet Social Security. But till then…we are at least readable! And that is where the rubber meats the road, the blog meets the brain, and the Super Bowl of Blogs takes place! I dare cent to try to make a point without a comic book character at his side! Ha!
   For the many humor challenged folks in the blogosphere, the preceding was not meant to be taken seriously. It is Super Bowl week, hence, the connection, and, picking on centuri0n is a channel pastime and something at which I excel. Given that multiple folks yesterday actually thought Ruckman had denied the existence of Greece (which is just as much a commentary on who far out Ruckman is as it is on the naivete of some), I thought I needed to provide this closing clarification.

Update! Upon posting this, some interesting comments were made in channel:

[brigand] I never thought Doc would write a blog article like that.
[DrOlrx] Why not?
[brigand] This is a funny post.
[tiredofnj] Maybe I’m going crazy but aomin.org began transitioning from “outdated” to “unique and possibly edgy” in late December.
[tiredofnj] Possibly edgy.
[ScottMcC] tired: If it can hold out another 3 years, it’ll be “retro.”
[tiredofnj] Scott: Right, right. Antique. Art deco. Edwardian.

Then later:

[tiredofnj] “[mutatoLrks] tired: Congratulations for being quoted in the uberblog!” Thanks. Anything I can do to encourage a brother in his steadfastness to HTML 2.1.

Just gotta love #prosapologian.

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