For those of you who have been writing and saying, “Look, come on, can you find a meaningful Arminian to debate, that Hunt encounter, though useful in responding to the common, but uninformed and shallow objections to Calvinism, was hardly a fair fight” may find this utterly amazing, but it is true: Dave Hunt thinks he proved his points in the book. And when you consider that he thinks I was saying that Jesus was only attempting to get a Vacation Bible School going in Jerusalem in Matthew 23:37, I guess you can understand that. Be that as it may, Dave Hunt spoke at a Brethren assembly in Springfield, Illinois on the 22nd of February. We finally got the tapes. Fascinating clips from the talk will be featured tomorrow on the DL, including Dave’s assertion that he has said all he needs to say in the book, and that is why he will not debate me in public. Don’t miss it!

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