Started off with Matthew Bellisario and some other various stories, moving into a review of William Lane Craig’s recent anti-Reformed comments and his “keep the bar as low as possible” method of evangelism comments on Moody Radio. Then we talked about Dave Hunt’s flipping of Romans 9 on its head. Finally, we took a good bit of time to review Ergun Caner’s Trinitarian Face Plant in the “interview” with a Oneness Pentecostal pastor. I went over his confusing and contradictory attempt to enunciate orthodoxy in light of his attempts to avoid dealing with his problems by casting himself as the victim, the persecuted champion of truth. Still hoping he will come to his senses, but time is short. I have been interviewed by the Lynchburg newspaper, and now by Christianity Today. If those reporters demand real answers and not excuses—well, the issue will come to a head. Went twenty minutes long in explaining the necessity of dealing with these issues fully.

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