All our callers today were from Canada, which was sort of odd. Two great calls, and I likewise played, and reviewed, a discussion of John 6:44-45, once again pointing out where sound, consistent exegesis will always lead you to the same conclusions. This will be the last DL before the Biola Debate, so Lord willing, next week on Tuesday I will have a full report for you. Please remember to pray Sunday evening! I would love to hear from any churches that will be praying for this encounter! It would be most encouraging. Here’s today’s Dividing Line. Update: I wanted to add as well how encouraging our first caller today was. Some might find the discussion we had…less than heart-pounding (it was on the canon), but this young man mentioned how our small ministry had been used of the Lord to keep him strong in the faith while others around him were giving in to the pressures of liberalism and unbelief. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. If you want to know why Rich and I do what we do, and have been doing it now for twenty three years, and hope to be doing it twenty three years from now, listen to that call. What a privilege to know our materials, books, website, mp3s, debates, etc., have been used of the Lord in this way. I truly needed that word of encouragement!

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