Well, Will Kinney got his 15 minutes of fame today…ok, 12 minutes, 19 seconds to be exact. I started off the program, explained the situation relating to Erasmus’ problems in accurately obtaining the text of the book of Revelation, went over what The King James Only Controversy says on the issue (including the footnotes containing relevant information), and then played Mr. Kinney’s comments from the video linked below. Then I brought Mr. Kinney on, and…well, you just have to listen for yourself. Only rarely do you encounter this level of religiously induced irrationality. I have seen it often in Muslims (Osama Abdullah, Nadir Ahmed, Ehteshaam Gulam), Mormons (Stan Barker, Louis Midgley, Kerry Shirts), Roman Catholics (Art Sippo) and yes, even atheists (atheism can become tremendously religious in nature). But KJV Onlyism seems to attract these kinds of folks. Just look at the likes of Peter Ruckman, Gail Riplinger, Sam Gipp, Steve Anderson and now Will Kinney. An amazing exchange with a man who simply refuses to acknowledge facts and logic. A sad insight into the strange, circular world of cultic King James Onlyism.

After we had enough of Mr. Kinney’s wild circular thinking we moved on to continuing our response to Phil Fernandes’ opening statement, and then in the last half hour continued our response to Roger Perkins in his debate with Matt Slick. Another 90 minute jumbo edition of the DL! I will post a video of the first hour later today (for those who wish to watch that first exchange, at least from one side of it!).

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