Back in January of 2011 I taught a module in Owensboro at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies. My primary student contact, and one of the folks who gave me transportation, took me out to eat, etc., was Justin Kline. There is video, somewhere, of his baby daughter, shall we say, burping on my shoulder. I learned only this afternoon of a dark providence in his life, and the life of his lovely wife and their family. We all walk through the shadow at times, and those dark paths take different forms for each of us, as our heavenly Father conforms us individually to His will and the image of Christ. Justin and Rebekah are in the valley right now, to be sure, but God has sustained their faith. Here is the video of the memorial. It is heart-wrenching, yet, for believers, so much a part of who we are in Christ. The world simply cannot comprehend.

May God bless Justin and Rebekah and all the faithful folks back in Owensboro.

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