Well, evidently, I answered all possible questions on textual criticism, or, bored the world to death with that series, so we moved on to listening, sort of on the fly, to last weekend’s sermon by Johnny Hunt in which he once again did the “here’s the template, we are all going to keep repeating this, without modification, without accuracy, and without responding to the refutation of these claims, until we have driven every biblically-literate person from our midst” thing that is starting to mark an entire spectrum of Southern Baptist ministers. I pointed out that this kind of “believe what I say but don’t expect me to develop my position consistently” preaching leaves those who are exposed to it as their own source of edification dangerously under-developed and incapable of responding to the apologetic issues of the day. Eventually we took some calls, one of which was, in fact, on a textual critical issue (the fact that the LXX version of Jeremiah is about 1/3 shorter than the MT version). 

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