On January 31st I was contacted by a professor in a reformed seminary relating to Mark Siljander’s book, A Deadly Misunderstanding. That happened to be the day I left for London, so I do not recall when, exactly, I purchased the book via Kindle. I know I began listening to it on a 75 mile climbing ride on February 23rd. I finished listening to it yesterday on another marathon ride. The subject of the book, its argumentation, its relationship to Ergun Caner and his alleged expertise in Islam (or lack thereof), and the continued blight upon Christian apologetics represented by the Great Evangelical Coverup led by Norman Geisler and others, is the substance of the entirety of today’s program. Get a comfy seat and listen carefully, this is important stuff.

By the way, here is Ergun Caner’s endorsement of the Siljander work:

I believe passionately that Mark has discovered a real pathway here—a means to open dialogue that we have not seen in centuries.

Dr. Ergun Caner
President of Liberty University Theological Seminary

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