Did a little over an hour in response to Gail Riplinger’s childish, insult-filled revision of history regarding our 1993 encounter on KRDS Radio in Phoenix.  Played clips from that encounter, along with clips from the Ankerberg Show and other venues.  Moved on from there to announce an upcoming discussion between myself and Dr. Michael Brown on Job 23:13-14 and the decrees of God.  Then we played a video from “Britain First” and called upon them to stop blaspheming the cross by using it as an instrument of hate and division.  Then we dove into the subject of the text of John 1:18 in response to comments made by Islamic apologist Yusuf Ismail.  Had planned to do more, but that took us 20 minutes into the third hour!  So we moved all the specifically Roman Catholic material to Thursday.  See you all then!

Here is the YouTube link:


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