You never know when a program is going to take off…but this one sure did. Went fifteen minutes long, too, just to get all the calls in. So…started off with the announcement that the Great Evangelical Cover Up continues on with the hiring of Ergun “I was born in Istanbul and trained in jihad and came to the United States in 1979 and debate Muslims in mosques speaking Arabic” Caner as “Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs” at Arlington Baptist College in Texas. One is left wondering if he might teach ethics, too? Then we played this video from YouTube, produced by an insider at Family Radio, and commented on its contents. Then we started taking phone calls, and let me tell you…this turned into one wild ride. Started with Alex, who attempted to object to one of my YouTube videos on the gay agenda. Discovered quickly that secularists have no foundation for moral thought. As we moved on we took calls on losing one’s salvation and doing biblical exegesis, theophanies and angelophanies with Pierre, our Mormon caller, how to deal with a gay friend, the atheist worldview, and a final call from another secularist very similar to the opening call with Alex (with a fellow named Sasha). Both the first and last calls illustrate what we are up against in attempting to deal with a secularized younger generation—a generation that will soon be making moral decisions about cloning, the use of stem cells, nuclear weapons, and so much more. God have mercy.

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