Sunday is October 31, Reformation Sunday, remembering God’s great work of bringing the light of the gospel to Europe through the Reformation. So to help prepare you for that day I was joined by TurretinFan, and we talked about Francis Turretin, one of those used by God to help systematize and defend the truths of the Reformation. Then I spent about 25 minutes (after taking a call on John 17:12/John 6:44) discussing the backgrounds of the Reformation. I hope this helps you have a more meaningful Reformation Sunday!

Now, right at the beginning of the program I played a song that was sent to me this morning by Jovan Mackenzy. Jovan has a new album coming out at the end of November, and he sent me one of the songs, where he took portions of a sermon I preached on Hebrews 2, and added his own lyrics. I think I made history today playing it on the Dividing Line! Be watching for Jovan’s album, Strangers and Pilgrims around Thanksgiving.

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