And when I say Jimmy Akin, I mean it. He called the program (right at the end…we went long to give him enough time). The first 40 minutes or so included clips from sermons at the Southern Baptist Convention and a discussion of the dogged unwillingness of many to address the important issues with any sense of seriousness; then we took a call on Jehovah’s Witnesses, then we talked with Jimmy Akin. He wanted to point out that he had actually written two replies to me, and I had only commented on one, and he was correct. I had not seen the first he had written, which is found here. Now, I will be glad to reply to it (brief summary: try to dismiss those who are responding to your materials all you wish: the fact remains sola scriptura is a key topic, my argument has been out there in print, being discussed in debates, for over a decade, and if you want to be the “director of apologetics and evangelization” for an organization that has often started its radio programs (over the strains of Yanni) as one of the “largest and most trusted apologetics and evangelization organizations in America,” you shouldn’t be willing to give surface-level replies that show you do not listen to those who are giving replies to your claims), but given the “heat” of the article, I may give it a few days to cool off. Besides, I will be out of pocket for a few days anyway, so we will see. Anyway, here is today’s Dividing Line.

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