Today on a jumbo length Dividing Line I started off asking for your help to get me to London and South Africa in late September or early October. If you would like to help me get to London for a debate on Roman Catholicism, and then to South Africa for numerous opportunities of teaching, lecturing, but most importantly, to debate Yusuf Ismail, a well known Islamic apologist, click here.

Then I moved on to an explanation of Romans 5:12-19 in light of those who deny such doctrines as federal headship, original sin, etc. It is a challenging passage, and I hope the discussion is helpful for folks.

Finally, we spent the last fifty minutes of the program responding to Ergun Caner’s proclamation of his complete innocence and how anyone who has concluded he has lied about his past (as the documentation thoroughly proves) is either a hyper-Calvinist (nothing like a new false definition of that phrase!) or a Muslim! Sorry for all your non-Reformed folks who were offended by Caner’s long string of documented falsehoods—you are now a hyper Calvinist or a Muslim!

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