Either I’m getting old and forgetful (probably), need a secretary (definitely), or I’m way behind on writing a book and that’s all my little brain can keep up with (for certain), but I did not blog any of this week’s programs! Yikes. What’s worse, I told the same story on both programs! Well, let’s hope if I start doing the “repeat stories” thing that at least they are stories worth hearing multiple times.

Anyway, on Tuesday I tried to catch up with a bunch of e-mails on a wide variety of topics while at the same time fighting with a connectivity issue on our phone system. For those who have sent in questions, well, I might have gotten to yours on the program!

Then yesterday we did a Radio Free Damascus and I continued my response to Adnan Rashid’s comments in the 2/23 debate in Dublin with Jay Smith on the topic of the text of the New Testament.

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