We did the program from the Mobile Command Center today as a means of testing things out before I hit the road this weekend. I also wanted to test a touch screen we have obtained that should allow me to do mot of what I do on the Flip Board in the Big Studio, but while traveling. And it worked! But then I started preaching to myself, really, and wandered through an entire discussion about faithfulness in these trying and confusing days. About 60% through the program I started talking to the homeschool kids, really all our kids, but especially those kids, about how blessed they, and how they need to understand the blessings they are receiving. If you have such kids, you might want to find that part. Sometimes having someone else’s voice helps to get the message through!

Our next program will be coming from on the road, either from somewhere in Texas, or around Oklahoma City, Lord willing! Prayers for traveling safety appreciated!

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