First subject in our 90 minute Jumbo edition: remembering the nature of Scripture while resisting unbelieving ways of scholarship based upon some comments made in review of a recent book on the virgin birth.  Though I think most people “enjoyed” the other two subjects more, this was by far the most important part of the program.

Second, what happened “in the background” leading up to the recent presentation I did in Texas on Ergun Caner, including the filing of a criminal complaint against me and the pastor of the church, leading the police to ask us to “not do the presentation and this will all go away.”  You can’t even make this kind of stuff up.

Finally, for the last 45 minutes of the program, I addressed the Steven Anderson film trailer and our three hour long interview.  I played clips from the interview, played the trailer (which I posted last night here on the blog), and then played the entire section of the interview that led up to my ending it (the context that sorta got lost in the trailer).  I again call upon Stephen Anderson and his folks to just do the right thing and put out the entire conversation for folks to watch and listen to.  Since his followers are so excited about the conversation, why only give them snippets?  Give them the whole thing!  They will find it most interesting!

Here is the YouTube link:


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